The future of energy storage management.

NorthStar ACE® is a fully integrated solution combining Bluetooth communication with an IoT concept.  

Using NorthStar ACE® (Advanced Connected Energy) the user can retrieve real time and historical performance data wirelessly, both locally through a smartphone app and remotely through a cloud service. NorthStar ACE® will improve your efficiency at every stage of the process: from warehousing, through installation and operation, to battery replacement.

  • Connect to your NorthStar batteries wirelessly using Bluetooth
  • Manage individual batteries or large battery populations on a global scale
  • Get remote and on-site support
  • True customer value throughout the life cycle


More than 50% of telecom batteries are replaced pre-maturely, due to insufficient control and life-cycle management.


NorthStar ACE® provides a solution, with end-to-end control of global installations down to each individual battery.

Local and remote management

NorthStar ACE® Site

Support for onsite installation and status check.

The Site app can be used to get instant status reports anywhere in the supply chain, without touching the battery. It will also guide technicians through installation to ensure there are no mistakes. 

NorthStar ACE® Central 

Remote management of single batteries or global population.

NorthStar ACE® Central provides 24/7 monitoring of the global battery population. The system delivers predictive reports for service life and replacement planning, as well as alarms in case of malfunctions.

Right from the beginning, NorthStar batteries are tagged with key data on our production line. Upon arrival at the warehouse, NorthStar ACE® automatically connects to Central through the NorthStar ACE® Gateway. The Site app will then guide the technician through a complete installation and create an installation report automatically. The power system parameters will be automatically set when the battery is installed.



NorthStar ACE® compared to other solutions

Energy storage management at every stage of the battery life cycle

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