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Delivering smart ESS solutions with NorthStar ACE®

Balancing energy production and energy consumption

An Energy Storage System (ESS) supports balancing of energy from production, through delivery, to consumption. It offers a reliable and sustainable way of storing and using renewable energy and compensate for output variability. 

Energy Storage Systems help grid operators maintain constant frequency and improved system efficiency. The NorthStar BESS is available with NorthStar ACE® remote battery management solution, allowing for full control of the utility and real-time monitoring of the batteries. For more information about NorthStar ACE® please click here

Focus on Sustainability

With the ability to store renewable energy, NorthStar ESS solutions provide numerous benefits for the environment, including reduced carbon footprint. The energy generated from wind and solar is stored during off-peak times and used at times of peak demand.

Utilities are now able to optimize efficiency and dispatch stored power in a controlled manner. In addition, NorthStar ESS solutions can provide energy in the event of a storm or unpredictable outages.

Our NorthStar ACE® technology and BLUE+ thin plate lead carbon batteries are providing Springfield with reliable and sustainable energy 

In September 2017, NorthStar launched, in partnership with City Utilities, an Energy Storage System that is fulfilling its intended purpose of storing and optimizing energy usage, providing efficient and reliable energy for Southwest Springfield, Missouri. The ESS is powered by our BLUE+ AGM thin plate lead carbon batteries installed with NorthStar ACE® battery monitoring system allowing for full control of the operation. For more information about NorthStar ACE® please click here

"Having the ability to store power for when it's really needed is a huge advance for the utility"

 Scott Miller, General Manager at City Utilities

An energy storage project like this (1 MWh) can be completed within 2-3 months. We work efficiently to meet deadlines while ensuring the most reliable and high standard utility is delivered in the end. The below video covers further information about our most recent ESS project and partnership with City Utilities.

Optimized Cycling Performance

NorthStar BLUE+ AGM thin plate lead carbon batteries have been tailored to optimize cycling performance around the globe. Single monoblocks have proven to exceed 4,000 charge-discharge cycles and parallel strings exceeded 2,000 cycles at 40% depth of discharge (DoD).

Q-charge Cycling on 48-Volt Application
End of Discharge Voltage Profiles for Modules

Voltage limit of 10.8 V

The anticipated duty cycles for NorthStar BESS are load leveling, peak shaving, frequency regulation, renewable shifting, UPS, etc.

Anticipated Duty Cycle

Flexibility to suit your demand

NorthStar ESS containers are available in various sizes depending on your need. From 250kWh at one 16 feet container up to 1MWh at two 40 feet containers.

Exploring Innovative Storage Solutions 

The initial step in the project and partnership with City Utilities involved exploring innovative and reliable storage solutions for renewable energy. 

Want to know more?

We welcome any questions or inquires you may have regarding our energy storage solutions. 

Please contact us at info@northstarbattery.com