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Thinking green every step of the way. 

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is a fundamental element of the NorthStar Group business philosophy. Our focus on sustainability and reduced environmental impact is one of the main factors that sets us apart from the competition.

We understand that damaging our ecosystem is not good for the future of our children or our business. That's why we believe it is so important to reduce the environmental impact of our products. Every step of our process has been improved with this in mind.

Yes, lead can be a dangerous material, for both people and the environment, and it needs to be handled very carefully, which we do. But lead is great to use because it has the highest recycling rate of any material: over 95% compared to 38% for glass bottles. Over half of the lead produced and used each year worldwide has been used before in other products.

AGM lead-acid batteries like ours are also safer for the environment, and safer to use, than flooded batteries because there is no chance for dangerous leakage.

Download the NorthStar Code of Conduct.

Design: Innovative battery and cabinet design lowers battery replacement, which lowers environmental and financial cost of operation.

Manufacturing: Our facilities are built and run to meet the toughest possible environmental requirements, to prevent lead poisoning of the surrounding air, ground and water. In fact, the water is cleaner when leaving our plant than it was when it entered.

Distribution: Strategically located distribution hubs mean smaller carbon footprints, cost reduction and first-class service.

Operation: Efficient solutions are adapted for each operating environment to maximize service life and minimize energy usage.

Recycling: All NorthStar batteries and cabinets are recyclable, with a longer service life and less material to reduce waste.

NorthStar Environmental and Quality Policy

NorthStar will consistently meet customer expectations for product and distribution without risking our environment or the safety and health of our associates.

NorthStar Group will provide its customers with the highest quality products and reliable service. World-class performance will be maintained through continuous improvement and measureable objectives and targets.

Upholding these concepts, both management and associates will strive towards quality and environmental excellence through the following commitments:

  • Continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality and Environmental Management Systems
  • Energy efficiency and sound resource management as well as prevention of pollution
  • Compliance with local and international environmental and quality conventions, legislation, and other regulations to which NorthStar Group subscribes
  • Provide and maintain the necessary competence and training within each area of responsibility
  • Nurturing the mindset of continuous improvement and adaptability to change
  • NorthStar Group manufacturing facilities adhere to ISO9001 and 14001

Click here to view the policy as PDF.